Retirement & Long Term Care Services

"I did speak with some of your make up demo volunteers. They LOVED the experience. I have noticed that two of the Community Members who volunteered for your demo have been wearing makeup on a regular basis. All of the reviews were great! They really liked the 1:1 aspect of it and that there were only a few of them in the class. A few of them have even asked me to help them choose lipsticks on our shopping trip. Thanks!"


-Local Lifestyle Assistant

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Special Event Group Makeup Applications:

Beauty For All wants women to feel like the absolute best version of themselves! We can help your community members feel beautiful & confident before special events and holiday parties! This is perfect for a Glamour day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Easter, Christmas & New Year's parties, or any other special occasion. We will set-up at your residence with professional makeup products & tools. Community members can then sign up for a time slot with Beauty For All right at their doorstep. A chance for everyone to feel great!

In addition to makeup application we offer the following options during this service:​

  • Groom and Tweeze Eyebrows

  • Apply a relaxing Skincare Regimen

Group Makeup Tutorials/ Demonstrations:

This series focuses on learning about basic makeup application, techniques, and products that will be appropriate for each participant. The series provides a fun setting where each individual feature of the face is addressed. Community members will learn how to apply their own makeup alongside other women, making for a unique group experience! Members can sit in and listen or be active, working at a makeup station with help from Beauty For All .


Every session has an in-depth demonstration done on a volunteer participant. Group discussion is encouraged, questions will be addressed, and topics that are pertinent to participants daily beauty routine will be discussed. (All makeup and tools are provided)

The sessions are as follows:

Session #1: Full Face Makeup Demonstration

Session #2: Selecting Tools & Skincare

Session #3: Skin Makeup

Session #4: Eye Makeup Basics

Session #5: Eyebrows

Session #6: Lips & Blush


Each of the sessions can be done with makeup stations ( a hands-on approach) or without makeup stations (an active listening experience and discussion), depending on what will be most appropriate for your community. 

  • All professional skincare products, makeup & mirrors and brushes will be provided. Residents need only to show up bare faced! We send you a custom signup sheet and poster for the session

  • We arrive 45 minutes prior for setup and all that we would require is a table. Setting up in a room with natural light is preferred if possible (but not necessary) as we do have lighting we bring along.