What pairs better than MAKEUP & WINE? 

Join Beauty For All for a fun Lips & Sips experience!

You'll get to express your inner makeup artist, while sipping wine at a local Ontario winery near you!

Learn beauty tips & tricks with a professional makeup artist.

Relax...have fun...and feel FABULOUS! 

Lips and Sips event

Looking for a fabulous ladies night out that's a little different? Sip, Connect and explore your inner makeup artist.


Join Beauty For All as we pair up with your favourite wineries to bring you a fun new experience!

Our professional make-up team will teach you how to apply your makeup from start to finish. We'll guide you step by step through the look on a volunteer guest as you taste through delicious local wines! 

We show you how to perfectly apply your makeup so you'll know how to achieve it on your own ! We'll cover  how to choose the perfect products for you, what brushes to select, and then we'll show you how to use them like a pro. You'll be equipped with a Beauty Station complete with professional makeup products, brushes, mirrors and tools to work with.  After each step, attendees attempt the technique themselves so that we gradually all complete the look together with Beauty For All's assistance. Guests are also given a lesson handout that they can take home afterwards, making the look easy to recreate! Come with friends or come make friends as we all dive into the fun world of make-up  (with some great wines on the side)!

Each Lips and Sips event offers you a unique way to taste local wines, with each offering being different according to the winery. You'll have a chance to try out new wines, as the winery staff describe to you the wines and food pairings. 


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